Sunday, June 23, 2013

We are still alive!

So I don't know if anyone ever even checks this blog anymore, it has been so neglected! I just don't know how mamas with more than two kids find the time to blog! I certainly can't find the time! That being said, I am not totally retiring this blog quite yet. I have found that as Samson gets older things are getting easier. So I may start finding more time to blog. If you are on Instagram, I do post all kinds of pictures so you can follow me there. My username is Lmkinsel. My account is private, so you'll have to request me. I will post a recent picture of the boys. They are growing crazy fast! I hope to start posting more soon...I will try! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!


The Three of Us said...

I still check it!

Terri Mertz said...

We still check it and do NOT have availability to Instagram. We do however get to receive your text pics and they are great! We miss you guys and want to get down to visit soon!!! Feel like we are missing our grandkids growing up & way tooo fast! Love you guys! Mee-maw & Paw-Paw

Erika said...

Me too!